The debates about what knowledge, skills and behaviours are needed to be a highly skilled PR and communication practitioner have been raging for many years. Is there a definitive set of these competencies? And can and should they be used across the world now we are a global profession? In this session Professor Anne Gregory will bring the conference the latest thinking on how professional development frameworks should be designed and why it is important to take into account local contexts and the individual ambitions and aspirations of practitioners. Current thinking is moving away from competencies towards capabilities. Confused? So are many people. This presentation will bring some much needed clarity. Professor Gregory is leading global research on capability in PR and communication, supported by the Global Alliance and all its member associations of public relations in ASEAN. She will show the latest findings and confirm that while there is much in common around the world, there also vital differences which should be recognised and celebrated. The similarities and differences, including the unique ASEAN way will be revealed for the first time in public at this conference. In the discussion that follows, the audience will have the opportunity to contribute their views and influence the final shape of the ASEAN framework.