ASEAN PR Network

With the objectives to champion connectivity, friendship, and mutual understanding among ASEAN member countries, gaining skills and strength from one another’s PR best practices; ASEAN PR Networl will conduct regular activities that benefit the PR society in general especially its members. To ensure that this objectivity is fulfilled, an annual conference, seminars and workshops will be organized to gather PR professionals, PR institutions, PR associations from the ASEAN member countries to meet minds and discourse on pertinent PR issues affecting the South-East Asia region. Any collaborative efforts to strengthen the ties among the ASEAN member countries will be of the utmost priority for the network.


Global Alliance

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is the confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160.000 practitioners and academics around the world. It is a not-for-profit organisations based in Switzerland.

The Global Alliance’s mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professionals standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for the public relations in the public interest.

The Global Alliance relies on the efforts of communication professionals to tackle common problems with a global perspective. By partnering with regional, national and international bodies to increase professionalism in public relations and communication management, this Alliance works to enhance the collaborative professionalism of the industry among its constituents around the world.