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ASEAN Public Relations Conference 2017

ASEAN PR Network and Global Alliance of Public Relations are proud to host the first Regional PR Conference held in Bali on 20-23 September 2017. This conference will be even more exciting because the discussion will review and mark the ASEAN 50th Anniversary as well by prominent global, regional and domestic speakers, officials, business champions, PR expert and academia.

The conference will be held at Baliā€™s 5-star diamond Trans Resort Bali. Seats are limited. So, make your reservation now.

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The first of its kind ever organized in the region

This is the first ASEAN Public Relations conference in the region and a joint cooperation with Global Alliance of Public Relation bringing leading Public Relations personalities, champions and thought leaders from east and west. It is a 3-day conference discussing ASEAN in the context of competitiveness and how PR can help ASEAN harvest its full potential in the global market place and at the same time it will discuss how the global community nurture this fast growing region and emerging markets to expand its presence for mutual prosperity