Short Biography of Ms. Ita Kusumawati, General Secretary of BPP PERHUMAS. 20 years of experience in Leadership Career as &quot Think Tank CEO&quot at a Public Company, her first milestone which successfully led her free from an employee status in October 2015. In recent, she became the establishment pioneer of PT. Chaeta Public Relations Lounge, called &quot CPR Online Clinic&quot , a PR company engages in Creative Internet for Course &amp  Consultancy.  Her entrepreneurial career was initiated before the age of 22. Despite being confronted by stormy economic crisis at the time (1998 – 2002), the intention to set up a business did not abate. AK Production is the proof of her persistence. A production house which provides Event Organizing services, Impression Production Programmes and Commercial TV Advertising. She then also became a Line Manager who produces Reggae Indy Label Music CDs namely &quot Rastafara Going to America&quot.  Since 2007 she is active in Entrepreneurship Business as Co-Founder, Owner & Executive Director of Public Relations PT. Chae Julang Perkasa, an Engaging, Procurement, Construction, Fabrication, Heavy Equipment General Trading &amp Rental Company. Then in 2009 to 2010 she became the Co-Owner &amp Chief Operational Officer of PT. Mobile Lounge Media – Indonesia, a master license company from Fruit Lounge Media B.V. from the Netherlands. She then named as the GENERAL SECRETARY of PERHUMAS, the leading of PR National Professional Organization in Indonesia today, as a symbol of her sky-rocketing organizational career supported with Bachelor of Economics as her strata of education in a Capital Market Specialization Programme in the Indonesian Economics College of Finance & Banking – STEKPI (known as Trilogy University), Jakarta. And finally her outstanding PR experience led her to receive &quot Indonesia Accredited Public Relations – IAPR&quot , an accreditation from PERHUMAS Member of Global Alliance and &quot Certified Public Relations – CPR&quot a Professional Competence Certification from BNSP, a National Body for Profession Certification.