Airport: Kuching International Airport (KCH)

The airport is located about 11 km south of Kuching city center. Besides, the road leading towards city center is relatively smooth with numerous ongoing infrastructure developments along the way.












Shopping Area

The Main Bazaar is located on the oldest street in Kuching, which dates back to 1864’s Old Kuching. It consists of two-storey shop houses along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. This is where you can find an abundance of local handicrafts ranging from wooden carvings and beaded accessories to rattan baskets and mats.










Plaza Merdeka

Plaza Merdeka is a prime shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. Its impressive range of shops caters to the diverse tastes of individual shoppers. From Tomato Kueh Tiaw to the famous Sarawak Laksa, grab your variety of local dishes at Food Plaza, Level 3. Located right in the midst of where the action is. Right in the thick of the hustle and bustle of city life, that is. Nearby, are the quaint and archival Carpenter Street and India Street while the scenic Kuching Waterfront, the Museum, and newly built Darul Hana Bridge (popularly known as Golden S Bridge) are within walking distances.












City Centre

The river is the focal point of the town and features a graceful, European-style esplanade – The Kuching Waterfront – with views across to the Astana (The Palace) and Fort Margherita. The narrow, bustling streets near the river are crammed with ornate temples, markets, historic buildings and traditional Chinese shop houses selling local handicrafts. Kuching also lays claim to nine museums, many within walking distance of each other. No other city in Malaysia displays its charm with such an easy grace as Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. The city is cut almost in half by the meandering Sarawak River – its lifeline since time immemorial and where it all began in 1839. Its skyline is a mix of minarets and domes, ornate temple roofs, church spires, fortress, towers, modern and colonial buildings – all set amidst a profusion of greenery against the dramatic backdrop of the inky-blue Santubong and Matang Mountains.